Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer is here - at last!

Yes - it's July 5th - I hope everyone had a great 4th! We attended a picnic with some friends and had a great time! We also drove down to Hatcher Pass, Hatcher Pass is only about an hour from our house and we had never been - it is extremely beautiful up there! It's a great place to take visitors! I can't wait for the company to start arriving again! My niece, Kelly, comes up on Monday and then Mom and Dad and my uncle, Dave comes in! After that - my kids and grandson and their friends are coming in! It will be a fun-filled next few weeks, but will go by way too quickly. It seems like winter is just around the corner, when summer just arrived.

I did get to go home and visit the family a couple of weeks ago! I was able to see my mom and dad, sister, Val and all three of the kids and my Grandson, Brayden! I had the time of my life and miss all of them already way too much! Bray-Bray seems to change daily and I'm missing it! Hopefully, we can get back to the L48 before he starts college!!!!!!

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marme said...

when is this friend going to get to come?