Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall is here! Blah!!!!!!

What can I say? It has been one busy summer! One that I loved, because we had company visiting for much of it. That really helps us survive up here - family and friend visits!
My Dad, Mom and Uncle David came up in early August. We had a great time and I really hated to see them leave! Wish they would all just move up here. Dad, David and Bob caught their limit of fish and had a ball! I sure do wish my Papa and Mema would've lived long enough to come up and visit, although I'm sure Papa catches his limit of fish every day now!

After mom, dad and David left, my daughter, Kristal, Brayden, Bradley and their friends Josh and Lauren came up! They had a great time. They decided to give it all they had and go class V White Water rafting. What crazy kids. They managed to flip the raft and had to be rescued. So glad Brayden and I were safe at the house spending the day together!

After all the company left for the summer, Bob and I headed to Denali National Park. Talk about beautiful! The leaves are turning, so there was gold everywhere (don't panic dad, I'm talking about the color gold in the leaves, not actual gold, although that would come in handy right now!
We saw 9 grizzlies, several caribou, Dall Sheep and a gorgeous Lynx!

Alaska really is a gorgeous country, but trust me - I stay on "ready" for that call that says we can come back home! Stay in touch, everyone - we miss and love you!

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